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Top 10 places I would love to visit

I always love reading about where in the world people would love to visit, I find these posts really interesting and so I wanted to do my own. I haven’t traveled much (if at all) in my life so far but I definitely want to start travelling a lot more in the next few years. […]

My Birthday Wishlist

We are finally in August which has come around so so so quick! August is my birthday month and of course, one of my favourite months of the year for obvious reasons. I thought it would be a cool idea to post my birthday wish list for this year, I usually struggle to come up […]

Maybelline Face Studio Iluminating Primer

I recently ran out of my trusty Soap & Glory primer and was on the lookout for a primer that I haven’t tried before. I picked up the Maybelline Illuminating Primer and decided to give it a go! One thing I immediately noticed about the primer was that it was so soft on my skin, […]

5 Of The Best Healthy Snacks

Since the gyms have reopened I’ve been making an effort to go nearly everyday (with a few rest days here and there), I’ve always been more of a gym goer than an outdoor exercise kind of person so when the gyms closed for months on end, I struggled with not doing any exercises that I […]


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