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5 things I cannot live without

Hello! I’m back! I’ve recently taken a little break from my blog – not for any particular reason other than I’m now back to work, working full time. I’ve taken the last month or so off to just adjust to working full time again as I had 5 months off during the pandemic! I hope […]

10 Things to do in Autumn/Winter

Am I already talking about Autumn? Yes, yes I am (and I have no shame!). I have always been an autumn/winter gal as opposed to a summer one, even though I was born in August I much prefer the cooler temperatures. I think it’s got to do with the fact that I don’t feel the […]

Doll Beauty Lipgloss – Review

I recently bought two new lip products from Doll Beauty and loved them so much I want to review them on my blog. I bought two lipglosses in the shade ‘Instaglam’ and ‘Gobby’. I love pink lip products hence why I fell in love with ‘Instaglam’ but I also want to start venturing out into […]

Top 10 places I would love to visit

I always love reading about where in the world people would love to visit, I find these posts really interesting and so I wanted to do my own. I haven’t traveled much (if at all) in my life so far but I definitely want to start travelling a lot more in the next few years. […]


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