How lockdown helped my career ambitions – An introduction

Hello, welcome!

I think its fair to say that lockdown has been a tough and scary time for everyone all over the world. For me personally, I have found myself with too much time to think – something I have always tried to avoid and the reason why I always keep myself so busy. It has been hard to accept the realities of life coming to a stop and having that one thing which makes you feel productive during the week just cease to exist – a full time job.

I have had to adapt to having nothing to do and living through the unknown. I have always been a bit of a career bunny, I love working and filling my time by being productive, it somehow makes me feel that I am doing something with my life.

For the last few years I have been in turmoil with myself over what it is I want to do with my life (career wise). I graduated from University with a law degree and since the age of thirteen I knew I wanted to be a lawyer one day, so I started on the path to attaining just that. However, after working in a few law firms, I started to doubt whether the solicitor lifestyle was for me. Is the corporate life for me? I feel I want more than that, I want to work for myself and be in charge of my own schedule, but doing what exactly? Its those questions which have been running through my mind constantly.

During lockdown, I am making it my aim to explore what interests me and what I can see myself doing day in day out. I stumbled across a youtube video speaking on the subject of side hustles, they mentioned freelance writing. I had always remembered enjoying writing essays during my studies and loved English lessons at school. So I decided to give blogging a go, it means I could actually write about things I love and hobbies I enjoy. So here we are today, posting my first blog post all about how I had too much time to think during lockdown and made the decision to start my own blog. I am sure I am not the first!

I am excited for this journey and looking forward to making my blog a fun space.

Thank you for reading my first blog post, feel free to give it a like and follow me if you are interested in future content – this is just the beginning!

Note – the photo is not my own and is from

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