5 essentials you need in your handbag this summer

Hey everyone!

It is currently 30 degrees in the UK and I thought it would be a great time to write this particular post. In the UK we are so used to the cold weather that when the summer arrives we have to get used to living in a hot climate…for a short while.

I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of essential items that I deem helpful to have on you during the summer months.

  1. Sun Lotion/ SPF
    Now this one is pretty explanatory right? Remembering to apply sun screen when you are venturing out is super important for everyone, but especially if you are like me and burn fairly easy without it. Plus it hinders your chance of actually getting a nice sun kissed glow, thats enough of a reason right?!
  2. Mattifying Powder
    This one is for those who suffer from oily skin (the dreaded T-Zone). There’s nothing worse than sweat making your skin look even oiler than it already is, thats why powder is our friend and the one item we should reach for when we need to fix a hot mess…
  3. Hair Bands/Hair tie
    This is something I always forget but always need and something so so simple! If you’re like me and have long thick hair (especially dark hair) then you will know the struggles this brings in the summer, the urge to just shove your hair to cool down is real.
  4. Anti-Perspirant/Perfume
    This is vital for when you get a little hot and bothered and need to freshen up, we definitely don’t want the heat messing up our vibe so all that is required is a little maintenance and we can go about our day as normal.
  5. Vaseline
    I carry this all year round, I have quite a few pocket sized tubs of this and always have one in my handbag no matter what! Vaseline is perfect for many different things, the main one being for dry lips. Everyone wants soft lips all year round right? The second being for when its hot outside and you want to wear your favourite dress but you weren’t born with a thigh gap so sometimes vaseline is all thats required to stop those dreaded friction burns.

    Hope you enjoyed this blog post, please do like, share and be sure to subscribe for more similar content to come!

    Ellie x

FYI- The pictures used in this post are not my own and are sourced from pexels.com

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