Summer makeup must-haves for a ‘no makeup’ look

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We are now in the midst of summer in the UK and along with the majority of the population, I like to reduce the amount of makeup I wear during the hot summer months. This is the first year that I am comfortable with wearing minimal makeup, for years I have always worn a full face of makeup throughout the summer but I have tried to experiment this year with reducing this down quite substantially.

After experimenting for a couple of months I feel as though I have got the ‘no makeup’ makeup look down to a T. If this sounds like something you are interested in then please keep on reading! I’m going to list the products that I recommend below, I have also included the link to purchase some of the products in the text (product name will be underlined).

Let’s get into it!

*Disclaimer: As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


  1. Primer
    I have only recently started to use primer (a bit late i know), I have naturally oily skin and never felt like I needed to use primer. I always liked how my foundation looked on my face but now I have got used to wearing it, I cant stop! Even when I am not wearing any foundation, I still like to use it as i think it makes your skin look that much smoother. I use the Soap & Glory – Heck of a Blot one at the moment and I love it!

  2. Concealer
    If you are blessed with an even skin tone and no dark under eye circles then god bless you! Seriously, I wish I didn’t have to wear concealer under my eyes or around my nose but without it my skin looks very fatigued. So concealer for me is a must, I mainly use the Collection – Lasting Perfection concealer in shade 02 Medium.

  3. Mascara
    This is a must have for me, wearing mascara transforms your eyes and your overall makeup look. It enhances your eyes and just makes everything else fall into place. I have a lot of favourite mascara’s but I am currently using Thick & Fast by Soap & Glory and it’s great.

  4. Bronzer
    I wear bronzer literally everyday, this is the one piece of makeup that I would really struggle to live without. By using bronzer to lightly contour, it not only makes you look more sun kissed in the summer but also makes your face appear slimmer. I contour on my forehead and on my cheek bones, I will also dust some over my nose to add to the overall bronzed look. I use Misslyn Beach Please in shade Holiday Hooray (No 51).

  5. Blush
    I always like to add a bit of colour to my face to make it look a bit more lively and not so…..bland? I don’t use a lot, just a little on the apples of my cheeks. I use a super old one from Revolution, to be precise it’s the Blushing Hearts – Bursting with love one. It gives off a gorgeous but subtle pink shimmery colour, perfect for summer!

I hope you found this post useful, thank you so much for reading!


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4 thoughts on “Summer makeup must-haves for a ‘no makeup’ look

  1. I love Collection concealer – I’ve tried lots of concealers over the past few years but that one is very clearly the best x

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