How to stop procrastinating

This week I wanted to write a post that I believe almost everyone will be able to resonate with (unless you are a master of self discipline) and that is procrastination. I will voluntarily raise my hand and admit that I am the first to procrastinate and I get distracted very easily.

So I wanted to provide some tips on how I try to stay focused and limit the amount of time that I procrastinate on a daily basis. Let’s get into it!

  1. Be organised and create a schedule
    It is a lot easier to be focused and not get so distracted if you are organised from the get go. Create a daily schedule and delegate time for phone usage or watching TV, this way your day will be broken up into manageable pieces and you wont feel like you’re drowning in work which will lead you to get distracted and procrastinate.

  2. Set achievable goals
    If you set small realistic goals then you are more likely to achieve them in the short term. Don’t give yourself a million tasks to do or to complete a huge project in just one day, you’ll only end up extremely disappointed and inevitably lose motivation which will lead you back to square one.

  3. Limit the amount of distractions around you
    It’ll be a lot easier to complete your to-do list when you don’t have your phone next to you or the TV on in the background. You will finish your tasks a lot quicker if you allow yourself to fully focus, you can then enjoy your evenings without feeling guilty about the amount of time you spent procrastinating that day.

  4. Take breaks
    Taking breaks is just as important as the work itself, you wont be able to produce a good standard if you are burning yourself out. Make sure you take a break every hour or so for at least 10 minutes. Take a quick walk round the block or catch up on the latest news around the world.

  5. Use incentives
    Rewarding yourself when you have completed the tasks you set out to do is really important and will act as a good motivator. It may sound a bit childish but it works, everyone loves rewards!


Thanks for reading! I hope you found these tips useful, see you next time!

Ellie x

FYI – The pictures used in this post are not my own and instead sourced from

6 thoughts on “How to stop procrastinating

  1. I am such a gigantic procrastinator and I actually use all the tips you mentioned above. I find the taking breaks one to be most effective because it’s like you’re giving yourself tiny doses of procrastination while being productive at the same time.

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    1. I try to use all the tips… but I am still learning 🙂 Wow, I never thought about taking breaks as tiny doses of procrastination whilst also being productive…thats so interesting!

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