SOSU Dripping Gold Tanning Mist – Review

I recently did a Beauty Bay order and was looking for something that I could use on my face in the summer to match my tan on the rest of my body (I don’t like to tan my face). I came across this tanning mist and decided to give it a go!

The mist is super easy to use, it just needs 4 – 6 hours to develop so I usually do it before I got to sleep and then I wake up with a nice sunkissed glow! Quite a lot of product comes out of the spray nozzle so you only need 2 – 3 pumps maximum, you just need to use a buffing style makeup brush and blend it into your neck so you ensure you get an even coverage throughout.

I bought the shade light-medium as i didnt want anything too dark for my face! It’s the perfect colour and so good for summer!

You can buy it on Beauty Bay for £10.95 for a 125ml bottle here.

I’m really happy with this purchase and have already used it a bunch of times. It’s great for the summer months when you don’t want to wear foundation but also want a nice sunkissed glow.

I would definitely recommend this product if you’re looking for a little bronzed glow in a bottle!

Thank you so much for reading!

Ellie x

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2 thoughts on “SOSU Dripping Gold Tanning Mist – Review

    1. This was my first time trying the brand aswell and was happy with the first product I bought of theirs! Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed the review ☺️


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