My Birthday Wishlist

We are finally in August which has come around so so so quick! August is my birthday month and of course, one of my favourite months of the year for obvious reasons. I thought it would be a cool idea to post my birthday wish list for this year, I usually struggle to come up with things that my friends and family can get me (they always ask me for ideas/suggestions) but this year I haven’t struggled at all for some strange reason!? I’ve come up with a pretty long list but to keep it short I’ll only include the items I want the most. Lets get into it !

Chopstick Styler, Extra Long Curling Wand
I have wanted a chopstick styler for so long, at the moment I have one curling wand which is okay but I wanted to try out different hairstyles and see how chopstick style curls would look on my hair. I have quite long hair so I’ve opted for a long wand so I can fit all my hair round the barrel (the struggles).

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I’ve been wanting/needing a pair of sliders for so long now, I’ve been using my boyfriends quite recently (to take out the bins and give lifts in my car etc) and its just not practical as their probably about 3 sizes too big! Sliders are perfect for when you just need to nip out quickly and don’t want to spend 5 minutes finding some socks and putting trainers on etc. They’re just a really great quick alternative.

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UV Gel Nail Lamp
This is something that I realised during lockdown that I could really do with. I had been getting acrylic nails before lockdown and my nails were just so thin and weak. They have gotten so much stronger and healthier during lockdown that I kind of don’t want to get acrylics again becauseI know they will just be back to square one. Instead, I want to paint my own nails but with something that will last longer than a day or two before they’re all chipped!

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Ring Light
I actually cant believe I don’t own one of these yet, this is to help with my pictures for my blog and instagram as I always notice my pictures could do with better lighting.

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Charlotte Tilbury Kim KW Lipstick
I’ve wanted this lipstick for a while now as I think it’s such a gorgeous pink nude colour. I want to add to my lipstick collection and there’s so many lipsticks I could include in this wish list but this is definitely one of the lipsticks that is at the top of my list.

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Mario Badescu Essentials Kit
I’ve wanted to try some of the Mario Badescu skincare range for probably years (not exagerrating!), I saw this on BeautyBay and thought it would be such a good present and would mean I could sample some of the products.

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Wireless Ear Buds
Since I’ve been going back to the gym regularly I’ve noticed how annoying it is to not have wireless headphones, especially when i’m lifting weights. It would be so useful to not have to put my phone in my bra or tucked into my leggings to listen to music…I haven’t asked for apple ones as I personally think there probably not worth the hype and I’d rather have lots of little gifts than like 1 or 2 big gifts. I found these ones from SkinnyDip for £40 which I think is pretty reasonable, they also do them in pretty colours and patterns.

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Okay guys so that is my wish list for my upcoming birthday, I will be super grateful if I even get one of the things that I’ve included above!

Thank you so much for reading.

What did you get for your birthday this year? Can you recommend any similar products to the ones I’ve mentioned?

Ellie x

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