Top 10 places I would love to visit

I always love reading about where in the world people would love to visit, I find these posts really interesting and so I wanted to do my own. I haven’t traveled much (if at all) in my life so far but I definitely want to start travelling a lot more in the next few years. I have put together a list of places I have never been to but would love to visit and experience everything that the country has to offer.

New York
Now I’m assuming almost everyone would love to visit New York, it’s just that place where you need to go at least once in your lifetime. I’ve never been to the states before and New York would definitely be at the top of my list. Not to mention the famous attractions and the 24 hour hustle and bustle but I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t be excited for the fooood!


Another place where I just need to visit! I’m not really a fan of the whole back packing thing so I would stay in a hotel instead. I always see amazing pictures on Pinterest and all over Instagram of Bali and the surrounding islands. Definitely a must see for me!

This place has been on my list for a while now, there’s some stunning attractions in Canada and I’m all about stunning scenic views. I would definitely like to go to Niagara falls and some of their National Parks.


Not only would I love to visit Paris but also the South of France, the thought of going skiing and staying in a cute little french chalet fills me with so much excitement. I’m a massive foodie so would love to try all the food France has to offer (especially the carbs)! There’s also a massive amount of history in France and I think it would be so interesting to learn more about the country.


This place is definitely another which is a must visit and on my bucket list for sure! The beaches look amazing and don’t get me started on the shopping and fast cars!


I have friends and family who have lived in Australia before and for me its just a no brainer, even though I hate flying so the long plane journey would definitely make me hesitant but I would put up with it just to tick it off my list! The gorgeous weather and plenty of beaches sounds like paradise. I would love to visit Sydney specifically and experience all the amazing attractions.

Such a picturesque place..there are a few places in Italy I would love to visit but Venice is definitely at the top for obvious reasons! I would definitely be able to get some amazing scenic shots for Insta!


Santorini & Mykonos
Santorini has been my number one place to visit for so long now! The crisp white buildings and pretty pebble paths just screams relaxation to me. It looks so idyllic and just so simple and elegant (not to mention the amazing weather and greek food!).


I’m not sure where exactly in the Caribbean I would go but there are a few places that spring to mind like Cuba or Barbados. The white sandy beaches and lively culture make me think it would be such a great holiday destination! I’m sure the food would be next level as well.


I would love the see the amazing wildlife and go on safari in Kenya, Lake Nakuru looks so stunning and features flamingos (I love flamingos!) I definitely think it would be a trip of a lifetime and an experience I would never forget!

So they are my top 10 places I would love to visit someday, thank you so much for reading!

Let me know in the comments below which places are on your bucket list to visit and if you have visited any of the places above.

Ellie x

7 thoughts on “Top 10 places I would love to visit

  1. New York is amazing. If you ever go I would recommend going in January. The prices are about Ā£1,000 cheaper than going in December for Christmas or new year! I went this January before we were locked in, my 5th and maybe final time for a while. I have some great tips if you need some!
    I also went to the Caribbean last summer. A small island in the Bahamas called Bimini. It was glorious.šŸ˜Š

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