Charlotte Tilbury Kim K.W Lipstick review

Hey guys!

I’m still trying to ease myself back into the blogging world since going back to work full time, I have planned quite a lot of autumnal content so I should be posting a lot more regularly in the coming months.

Today I wanted to do a beauty post as it’s been a while since I done one! I was gifted the Kim K.W lipstick for my birthday in August and have had a while to test it out and gather my thoughts and opinions.

First thing I want to say is that it is definitely worth the price tag, Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are known for being more on the expensive side but I understand why. The packaging is beautiful and such good quality, it’s quite heavy (weight wise) for a lipstick which tells you that it’s made with good quality materials. The cap clicks into place and isn’t loose which means I dont have to find my lipstick at the bottom of my handbag without the cap on! (Always a plus).

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One of my favourite things about these lipsticks is the beautiful engraving on the packaging, I thought it was such a nice touch and just completes the lipstick in my opinion.

The consistency is lovely, not drying at all which is always a massive bonus, it glides on smoothly and feels super buttery on the lips. The colour is a lovely subtle pink/nude shade, perfect for when you don’t want a bright/deep colour but want to have some sort of colour on your lips. It is a perfect day shade.

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I would a hundred percent recommended this lipstick, they have such beautiful shades. Next on my list is Pillow Talk (original) also a very beautiful shade.

Let me know if you have tried any of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and which shades are your favourite?

See you in the next one!

Ellie x

FYI – Some photos used in this post are not my own and have been credited.

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