Stocking Filler & Gift Ideas for Her

As we are getting close to the festive season I really want to start my festive posts and make it look super christmassy on my blog! I know there are quite a lot of people who are starting Christmas early this year and have already started to put their Christmas trees up so i thought now is a good time to start the festive posts.

Every year I struggle to come up with some ideas as to what to get my family members for Christmas (the males are especially hard to buy for!!). I thought I would do a post on it and possibly give others some good ideas.

This one is for us ladies (did the easiest one first). If you are struggling on ideas for your girlfriend, mum, grandmother or sister then i hope this helps you out a little bit!

This one is always a super easy one and it’s something I always ask for for Christmas, whether it be a new lipstick or eyeshadow palette you cant go wrong with buying makeup for a beauty lover. If they are into makeup then this is a perfect idea, find out what brands they like or what’s currently trending in the beauty world and i’m certain they will love it!

Another popular idea, most women love a good moisturiser or face wash to add to their skincare regime. There are loads of super popular skincare brands in the market right now, some more expensive than others but you don’t need to splash out on expensive products, there are a lot of drugstore products which are highly rated.

Bath & Shower
I personally think you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous smelling shower cream or bath product. I’m not one for baths so I prefer shower gels but if they love baths then bath bombs is of course always a winner, especially LUSH bath bombs. I love receiving lovely shower gel sets of different flavours, I am usually stocked up for a few months!

Gift Vouchers
Now I know this one may be a little boring but sometimes for those people in your life that have everything it can be a good solution. You can buy gift vouchers for near enough everything nowadays so it could be for clothes, makeup or a dinner out. That way the recipient can spend it how they choose and you don’t run the risk of buying something that they then don’t like.

Hair Styling
Most women use hair styling electricals, whether it be hair straighteners, curlers or a hair dryer. I have 2 curlers currently but have also asked for another this Christmas because I don’t have one with a big barrel, only small/medium ones and I want to style my hair with bigger curls as it’s grown so long!

No girl can have enough shoes! I am always after either new trainers, flats or heel as it’s something I don’t tend to buy for myself. Trainers are so expensive nowadays and I hate the thought of spending so much money on them! This year i’m after some winter boots as I don’t actually own any and I’m always having cold feet or getting my feet wet by wearing flats in the winter!

Who doesn’t love receiving a new scent at Christmas? I know this is an obvious one but it’s always a winner, ladies love receiving perfume, a new scent to wear into the new year. It’s another product that’s super expensive and I know a lot of people who ask for perfume at Christmas as it’s not something you buy yourself regularly.

This is definitely a good one for those who prefer doing things outside or going on day trips to do something fun. There are so many experiences you can do which range from a spa weekend to paintballing or a cooking class. They suit a wide range of ages and it’s something that you can look forward to in the year ahead. I know it’s not a physical present but some people would prefer an experience which they know they will enjoy compared to a present which they may not ever use again!

Okay so those are my top ideas for either Stocking Fillers or Main Present Ideas (depending on your budget). Most of these things I have received myself over the years and some are things which I receive every Christmas and I love!

My next post will be Stocking/Gift Ideas for ‘him’, I’m going to try and include a range of presents for all ages.

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading.

Ellie x

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