Kinder Bueno Cookie Bars

Last week I decided to bake some cookie bars, I had never baked these before so wanted to try something different and give them a go. I went onto the wonderful Jane’s Patisserie website (the only baking website I use) and set my eyes on these. I love Kinder Bueno anyway so this was a no brainer for me.

Click here to be taken to the recipe on the Jane’s Patisserie website.

I would suggest to follow the recipe to the T as I overcooked mine a little by having the oven on on a higher temp than I should have…which meant that they cooked on the top but were still raw in the middle (oh dear!) so I had to put them back in but with some foil on the top so they didn’t burn. However, mistakes happen and I really want to cook another batch of cookie bars but just a different flavour to redeem myself.

I’ve seen lots of people bake them and they look like they turned out so good! Bit annoyed I didn’t follow the recipe exactly but hey ho!

Hope you enjoyed this post and please do head over to Jane’s website to see all the delicious recipes!

See you next time.

Ellie x

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