Stocking Filler & Gift Ideas for Him

A few weeks ago I posted a Stocking Filler & Gift Ideas post for ‘her’ and I said I would shortly be posting one for ‘him’. All of these gift ideas could be bought for any male in your life, whether that be boyfriend, dad, brother or a male friend.

I’ve had a think and I’ve been able to come up with a few ideas, so let’s get into it the post!

Let’s start with the classic ones….

Men Shower/Shaving Gift Sets
Now I think these type of presents are great, everyone needs essentials and I honestly don’t think you can go wrong with this kind of stuff. Boots always do great gift sets this time of year and usually have some really good deals especially around Black Friday. I’ve listed a few of my favourite below:

Alcohol Gift Sets
I’ve seen some really cute miniature alcohol gift sets around and they are usually pretty reasonable in terms of price! This is a great stocking filler for those who like a cheeky bev and most people do around the festive season. Listed a few below:

Gaming Accessories
If the male in your life loves gaming, especially with the new PS5 which has recently been released then you cant go wrong with some gaming accessories. I’m sure they will come in handy!

Sweets/Chocolate Gift Sets
I always like to include some sort of food in stockings or as a gift (depending on price) as I know I always used to receive some chocolate for Christmas. Plus, who wouldn’t be happy with receiving food?!?

Grooming Kits
It’s pretty self explanatory but most males participate in personal grooming and I’ve been asked a few times by my other half if I could get him a new razor etc as apparently they need a few!

Okay guys so they we are, some ideas for what to buy the men in your life. I hope you found this post helpful and thank you so much for reading.

See you in the next one.

Ellie x

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